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Intensive Psychiatric Evaluations

We provide psychiatric evaluations that assess the patient as a whole rather than a simple checklist of symptoms. Our experienced health care providers look carefully at interpersonal relationships, environmental factors, and the ability to function in daily life to make the best decision for a treatment plan.


Evidenced Based Recommendations and Stabilization

Research in medicine, mental health, and addiction has evolved tremendously throughout the years. With these new advances, our providers strive to constantly learn about evidence-based therapies to better serve our patients. Our clinicians participate in hundreds of hours of continuing education, are current with board certifications, and make recommendations based on research that supports positive and effective outcomes.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

This diagnosis has different subtypes, including ADHD and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Brain scans have demonstrated, in people exhibiting symptoms of ADD, that the brain is “wired” differently than those without the disorder. In combination with a healthy diet, exercise, adequate sleep, and healthy relationships, medications have been shown to be very effective in treating these symptoms and improving focus. With a detailed mental health evaluation, we are able to provide you with the best recommendations to improve your attention.



Have you experienced low moods, sadness, or feeling “down and blue” frequently? Evidence suggests that the best treatment for depression includes a combination of psychotherapy and carefully selected medications. This selection can prove to be difficult, involving trial and error, as medications affect individuals differently. However, at CMAP we offer a genetic profile test that narrows down which medications would be most effective in your body. This test is a very simple saliva swab, which is sent to a lab for accurate results. If you have been struggling with depression and have not responded well to other treatments or medicines, we are here to help. Our experienced physicians are dedicated to your well-being, and will continue to search for a solution to your depression.


Bipolar Disorder

Mood swings and symptoms of Bipolar disorder are often over-diagnosed ormisdiagnosed. At CMAP, our physicians understand the differences between bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and disorders induced by substance abuse. Treatment recommendations may include medication, but there are also non-medication options available to consider. We believe that our patients should be educated with correct, evidence-based recommendations, and have the choice to decide which treatment is best suited for them.


Anxiety Disorders

Is chronic worry, fear, and angst holding you back from accomplishing your goals? Many people suffer from anxiety disorders, and genetics affect how these symptoms may appear. Anxiety disorders are worsened by substance abuse, trauma, stress, and challenging relationships, but there are medications and other therapeutic options that can help. We can assess your symptoms and make recommendations to improve your life and functional ability.


Personality Disorders and Unstable Relationships

A combination of genetic factors and life stressors have the ability to influence our personality and relationships negatively. Traumatic experiences of the past can shape an individual and contribute to behavioral and personality traits today. We can provide recommendations to improve your quality of life, relationships, and stability for the future.


Psychotic Disorders; Drug-induced or Schizophrenia

Psychosis includes symptoms of confusion, paranoia, delusional thoughts, hearing voices or hallucinations. These disorders may be developed or influenced by genetic factors, use of substances such as amphetamines, stress, or lack of sleep. These symptoms are believed to be caused by a chemical imbalance within the brain. There are medicines that can help alleviate these symptoms, but there are also alternative treatments that can improve thought disorders without side effects. Psychosis can worry loved ones and be difficult to comprehend, but we can provide support and guidance by seeking the root cause of these symptoms.


Chronic Relapsing

Our providers understand that addiction is a disease, and treatment is not usually “one-size- fits-all,” in pursuing sobriety from drugs, alcohol, or even sexual addiction. The Opioid epidemic has clearly demonstrated that even one relapse can be fatal, and is a result of a chronic addiction. Relapse may be a part of the road to recovery for some, but we understand that those who suffer need specialized support. There are now medication options that can accelerate the healing process and aid in the remission of this disease that may not have been considered before. At CMAP, we believe our patients suffer from a chronic illness, and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect as they recover.


Trauma Focused Treatment

Traumatic experiences affect the brain and can be a complex issue to unravel. Trauma is not always fully understood by healthcare professionals, but our physicians are well versed in its psychological impact. We understand that trauma is life-changing, but there are therapeutic and medication options available to help our patients live full and happy lives.