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“Dr. Schaat was unusually personable/compassionate. I was a true partner in decisions to secure a successful outcome. We visited – almost as peers – discussing options. He was very willing to support my desires – securing them with a back-up plan. 5 Star”

“Michael Desjardins is a very understanding man. He’s not your typical doctor (or nurse practitioner) that makes judgments about a person before talking to them. He truly understands every individual patient and has improved my life tenfold! “

“Dr Schaat understands my treatment needs and he gets to the bottom of what’s really going on!”

“Dr. Schaat knows me well. A lot of Doctors treat me like it’s my first visit every time. Dr. Schaat remembers everything we talk about. Most Doctors are writing or typing and don’t even look at me. Dr. Schaat is my ideal of a good doctor.”

“Dr. Schaat is one of the few remaining doctors that I have seen that still show compassion, concern, interest and truly want to help his patients live the best quality of life possible. He is attentive and works with you to help figure out the best treatment.”

“Michael is a Very Nice guy who is extremely smart and has helped me immensely!”